A massage from an experienced and trained professional can have many physical and mental health benefits. Massage has been used for centuries to help people feel their best, and while some people tackle real health issues through massage, it’s also a great way to relax, unwind and promote self care.

As a local massage therapy expert, I have worked with people in the East Bay for many years and I can offer specialized massages to meet the needs of my clients. For people who want to prioritize relaxation and self care, I offer several additional services which fall into the category of spa services.

In this article, I will discuss a few of these services and how they can help you relax, recharge and leave the massage feeling like a brand new person. If you’re looking for the best way to take care of yourself and your body, check out these services today.

Rock-A-Bye Baby

Hot stones are used in many massages, and if you have ever experienced a hot stone massage then you know they promote a feeling of deep relaxation. In this unique massage, I use hot stones on the face, neck and upper shoulders. This full experience is unique and is a great way to recharge.

Hand and/or Foot Massage

Our hands and feet are our way to feel the world, and over time they can become worn, tired and in need of attention. A professional massage therapist can massage the hands and/or feet in a way which not only causes relaxation in these areas, but throughout the entire body. Since almost every major bodily system has nerve endings in the hands and feet, a massage which addresses these areas can make your whole body feel relaxed and refreshed.

Full Body Scrub and Hydrating Wrap

This full body scrub is one service that is complete in itself, and includes a massage, because by nature, the process involves purifying the skin using massage techniques. During a full body scrub, your therapist applies body polish, mixed with essential oil of lemon. This removes dead skin and helps with circulation. Once the skin is revitalized, lotion is applied to hydrate the skin. Then the body is comfortably wrapped to help the body absorb the hydration. This entire process will leave you feeling like a new person, and it’s a must for anyone who’s feeling fatigued.

In addition to these services, add-ons are offered. They include scrubs for the feet or the back, warm towels for the body and a tranquil face massage. You can build your perfect experience by adding as many of these services to your massage session as you like, and experience the ultimate in relaxation and self-care.

If you are feeling weary, have a lot on your mind or you’re in need of a day to prioritize your health, a massage with spa services can help you feel your best. For more information or to book your first massage, give me a call today.