Depending on the goals you have for a massage, there are many techniques which can be used by a trained massage therapist. While some people have their personal preferences as to which massages work best for them, if you’re looking to reduce stress, improve your mental health and find relief from chronic pain then a shiatsu massage might be the best choice.

As a certified massage therapist in the East Bay, I have worked with clients for years to help them reach their health goals by offering a full catalog of massage services. Some clients have been referred by others or they are not sure which massage is right for them, so I always try to provide options and with different techniques can produce the best results.

In the spirit of educating people on different massage options, I will be discussing shiatsu massage in this article by answering the most common questions I get from people who are considering this unique massage treatment.

How Does Shiatsu Massage Work?

Shiatsu massage has been used for centuries to help people overcome stress, effectively heal and improve overall well being. Shiatsu massage is rooted in the theory of meridians, or energy channels, which link different parts of the body. In modern terms, we call these pressure points. A shiatsu massage involves the application of pressure on specific areas of the body which are proven to impact others, and it is a holistic way to provide care for certain injuries or problem areas. Typically, a massage therapist will use their fingers, hands and elbows to apply pressure to acupressure points to provide relief and naturally lessen stress in the body.

Does a Shiatsu Massage Hurt?

This is probably the most common question I get when people ask about shiatsu massage, because the common misconception around this technique says a great deal of pressure must be applied in order to achieve results. While a shiatsu massage can be very deep and involve a great deal of pressure if the client prefers a more intensive treatment, it doesn’t have to be painful in order to be successful. As is the case with any massage treatment, I take my client’s preferences into account and provide a custom level of pressure, and we can perform a shiatsu massage with little pressure and still produce great results.

Who Should Get a Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu massages are perfect for people who experience muscle tightness, have chronic pain or who prefer to have a massage fully-clothed. Unlike a Swedish massage or other common massages, shiatsu massages are done with comfortable clothes on and in a relaxed environment. As long as you feel healthy and comfortable with your therapist and the process of the massage, you should be a good candidate. With this said, always communicate any health issues or injuries with your therapist so they can ensure to take care where needed.

If you have additional questions about shiatsu massage or want to book your first session, give me a call today.