Local Expert Explains Cross-Friction Massage

Plantar fasciitis often affects people who are on their feet frequently, including athletes, laborers, first responders and other active individuals. This condition can be caused by any number of factors, but if a person has it they can be hindered from their work or hobbies because of the pain it causes in their feet.

While people might seek many remedies for plantar fasciitis, massage therapy and specifically cross-friction massage treatments are a proven way to find relief from this condition. As a massage therapist in the East Bay, I have worked with many clients who suffer from plantar fasciitis, and cross-friction therapy has helped them find lasting relief and get back to living pain free.

In the sections to follow, I will discuss the cross-friction massage technique and why it’s so effective at helping people with plantar fasciitis. Hopefully this provides some insight into why professional massage therapy is a great option for anyone who is suffering from this ailment.

How Cross-Friction Massage Works

While many people are familiar with Swedish or acupressure massage techniques, not many of my clients have heard of cross-friction massage before. This technique was developed to help ease the pain of muscular issues, and it’s performed for athletes regularly to help them recover. As the name implies, this massage is done across muscle groups, meaning the area is massaged perpendicular to the muscle tissue. This massage aims to target deep tissues and is performed on the affected area.

Benefits of Cross-Friction Massage

A cross-friction massage is a great way to promote healing and alleviate pain. One benefit of this technique is the ability to directly target an affected area and promote blood flow to this area. In addition, cross-friction massage helps to loosen injured muscles and combats scar tissue. A big advantage of this technique is the ability to get rid of adhesions, which happen when scar tissue grows together. By removing adhesions and inhibiting their growth, muscles are free to move with less pain.

Direct Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis can be a frustrating ailment to suffer through because it keeps you off your feet for a while. Continuing to walk or work with plantar fasciitis can keep the issue from going away, but massage treatment can lessen healing time and get you back on your feet. Instead of treating plantar fasciitis with pain medication or other temporary means, cross-friction massage addresses the root cause and helps to accelerate the healing process.

Customized Continuing Care Available

Whenever I work with a new client, I always try to create a plan to help them reach their health goals. For my clients with plantar fasciitis, we have been able to incorporate cross-friction massage and other techniques to help them find lasting relief.

If plantar fasciitis is keeping you from living life to the fullest, massage therapy is a great, no-risk option to help you find relief and get back to walking normally without pain. To learn more or book a consultation, check out my website or give me a call today.