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Back Massage Therapy Services

Back pain can be a serious deterrent to pursuing your passions, performing at a high level professionally or simply taking care of everyday tasks. Pain in the upper, middle and/or lower back will affect most people at some point in their lives, and how you choose to treat it will have an impact on the level of pain you feel and the likelihood for it to return.

While many people seek pain medication or medical intervention to correct back issues, natural methods of healing can have a more lasting impact with fewer unwanted side effects. One such method is massage therapy, and as a certified massage therapist in the Bay Area, I have been helping people overcome back pain for many years.

In the sections to follow, I will discuss how massage therapy can help address back pain and why it’s a great choice for anyone seeking relief.


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What causes back pain?

There is a reason back pain is so prevalent. The back plays a role in so many everyday activities, and the network of nerves, vertebrae, muscles and other tissues in the area is complex. Back pain can be caused by many things, such as overuse or incorrect form when lifting objects, degenerative disease, lack of exercise and other issues which many people face. Depending on the cause, there are options for relief through massage therapy.

How can massage therapy help?

Massage therapy is a proven way to find relief from all types of physical issues, as well as improve mental health. While some people look at massage as a way to rest and relax, and it does certainly serve this purpose, when performed by a certified massage therapist it can have a significant impact on medical conditions. Massage therapy can help loosen muscles which is very impactful for many back issues. It also improves circulation and can reduce inflammation in affected areas, which can aid in the healing process for pain which results from an injury.

What massage techniques are helpful for back pain?

When most people envision a massage, they think of the stereotypical session with a patient face down on a table. While this type of massage (a Swedish massage) has many benefits, there are all kinds of techniques which a trained professional can use when addressing back pain. The traditional Swedish massage does help back pain while promoting relaxation by using long strokes and kneading on the top layer of muscles. Another type of massage which helps back pain is a shiatsu massage. With roots in ancient Eastern medicine, shiatsu techniques involve the application of pressure along meridians, which can help ease muscle tension. These are just a couple examples of techniques, and your massage therapist can make a plan unique to your needs to produce the best results.

If you’re living with back pain, massage therapy can help. To learn more about my services available in the East Bay, please check out my website or give me a call today.