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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief Services

Carpal tunnel syndrome is becoming more common with the rise of smartphones, computer-based jobs and other professions/hobbies which can put stress on the wrists. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, you understand the pain associated with it can make everyday tasks difficult and might even keep you from pursuing your passions or performing well at work.

I am a certified massage therapist in the East Bay, and I offer many massage techniques which can help people find relief from a wide range of ailments, including carpal tunnel. In the sections to follow, I will discuss how massage therapy can help if you are suffering from carpal tunnel and provide some insight into my massage services for carpal tunnel pain relief.

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What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a nerve issue, specifically the nerve which runs through your wrist and into your fingers. When the carpal tunnel, which is the gap through which this nerve passes, becomes inflamed, injured or otherwise cramped, the nerve can become pinched or aggravated, leading to pain felt in the hands and fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome can range from a minor inconvenience to a major hindrance in your everyday life, and often presents itself as numbness or loss of strength in your fingers.

How can massage therapy help?

When someone has carpal tunnel syndrome pain, relief can come from reduction of inflammation in the area surrounding the carpal tunnel and/or the reduction of tension in muscles surrounding the wrist area. While some would advocate for creams, pills or other like solutions, massage therapy can get to the root of the issue and in many cases can provide lasting relief. Massage therapy is ideal for reducing tension and inflammation, which makes it the ideal solution. Depending on your health goals, preferences and the severity of your pain, there are different massage techniques which can be used to help you find relief. When I work with a new client, I create a unique plan to use the best techniques for their needs and give them a great chance at finding lasting relief.

Why choose massage therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome pain?

Massage therapy is an ideal first step in carpal tunnel syndrome and for many people it is all they need to find relief. People who seek out invasive treatments or pain medication from the start run the risk of complications, side effects or even addiction. Since massage therapy uses the body’s natural ability to heal, it has much less risk and can provide comparable or even more positive results.

I am happy to offer massage therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome pain relief and other health issues for people in the East Bay Area, including the cities of Castro Valley, Hayward, San Leandro, Dublin and Pleasanton. Don’t suffer from carpal tunnel pain any longer than you already have. To learn more about treatment, book your consultation online or give me a call today.