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Massages for Trauma Aftercare

Massage therapy can help with the recovery process after a traumatic event when done by an experienced and caring massage professional. Trauma aftercare is tailored to the patient’s needs, and can be as simple as a hand massage or other gentle service. This type of massage can help you feel less stressed, stronger and more secure.

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How Does Massage Help with Trauma?

People dealing with trauma often have symptoms which can be aided through massage therapy, and when administered by a trained professional a massage can have a lasting positive impact on mental health. In many cases, the stress which trauma induces causes people to be on-edge constantly, leading to strain on muscles and a decrease in general flexibility. These physical symptoms can only make trauma worse, but a massage can help a person feel comfortable again. In addition, the improved blood flow can strengthen the immune system and even help establish better sleep patterns. Because of this, massage therapy can be helpful for physical issues and mental health when dealing with trauma.

What Massage Techniques Can Be Used?

Depending on your symptoms, level of comfort and your personal preference, any number of techniques can be used to increase physical and mental well being after a traumatic event. Whether it’s a Swedish or hot stone massage to help a person relax, an acupressure massage to help loosen muscles or any other type of massage, the important thing for me as the therapist is to ensure my clients are comfortable, especially when helping victims of trauma.

What Steps Are Taken to Ensure Comfort?

From the beginning of any appointment, it’s my goal to achieve a level of comfort and trust with my clients. I understand there is no one size fits all massage solution, and for trauma victims I always have a great deal of care to help them feel comfortable. Any session begins with an open dialogue and discussion of a care plan, and we only proceed when the client is comfortable and feels confident in the massage. This can mean starting slow and working in short sessions, offering sessions where the client is fully clothed or any other method to ensure they are comfortable and the likelihood of a triggering event stays to a minimum.

I am proud to offer a full catalog of massage therapy services in the greater East Bay Area, including Castro Valley, Hayward, San Leandro, Dublin, & Pleasanton, and if you have gone through a traumatic event then I want to help you feel comfortable and supported. Give me a call today to learn more about massage therapy as part of trauma treatment.