Staying comfortable and encouraged following a surgical procedure can be difficult, and it’s important to stay positive and pursue ways to encourage your body to heal. While getting a massage following surgery might not seem conventional, many medical professionals encourage massage therapy performed by a qualified therapist to help a person heal most effectively.

I am happy to provide a full catalog of massage therapy services for people in the East Bay. Many of my clients come to me to achieve a state of relaxation, receive relief from common pain or as part of an athletic training plan, but I also have a passion for helping people heal comfortably after they have a medical procedure done.

When it comes to surgical aftercare using massage therapy, it takes a trained therapist to understand the right techniques and pressure to use to foster healing. In the sections to follow, I will discuss a few key aspects of surgical massage therapy and help you understand how this service can assist in the healing process.

Accelerate the Healing Process

After a surgery, a person is usually prescribed a great deal of rest and relaxation which can allow the body to heal. A massage can certainly help someone feel relaxed, but they also can help the body speed up the healing process. While an after surgery massage will vary depending on the needs and condition of the client, in many cases the therapy can promote blood flow to critical areas and keep muscles loose, highly influential to the healing process in most surgical situations.

Customized Techniques for Your Situation

Whether you choose to partner with me for your surgery aftercare or another massage therapist, please always keep in mind this service should only be performed by a trained professional. A therapist can do a lot of good, but someone who doesn’t understand the body and the healing process can hinder your healing. When you work with a professional, you can be assured you will receive the appropriate amount of pressure and a technique which is tailored to meet the needs of your body. I can offer simple, low pressure techniques which promote relaxation alone or perform targeted therapy to help heal a specific area, and you can be assured you will receive customized care.

Keep the Whole Body Healthy

After surgery, many people only focus on the affected area during their recovery. To focus on the problem area is human nature, but neglecting other parts of the body can lead to imbalance. Massage therapy can help keep muscles which aren’t in use during recovery loose and free from pain, and can ensure you don’t lose flexibility in certain areas even if you can’t use them while you heal. In addition, surgeries can take a toll mentally, and getting a massage can be a great way to take some time to relax and recharge your mental health.

To learn more about massage therapy after surgery, feel free to browse my website or give me a call today.