Arthritis can affect people in different ways and cause differing levels of discomfort in many areas of the body. Many people struggle with arthritis, especially as they age and/or if they have a body part which has sustained an injury or is often overworked.

People turn to many methods in search of relief from arthritis pain, to differing degrees of success. Some options such as pain medication, anti-inflammatory drugs or topical creams offer partial results, while other choices like surgical intervention are more invasive and carry potential risks. Rather than searching for temporary relief or seeking an invasive procedure, many people who suffer from arthritis pain can find relief by natural means such as massage therapy.

As a certified massage therapist, I have worked with many people who suffer from arthritis and there are several techniques we can employ to help them not only feel better in the short term, but experience lasting relief from their pain. In the sections to follow, I will discuss a few of the more effective techniques for arthritis relief which I have used with people over the years.

Swedish Massage

One of the most popular massage techniques in the world, the Swedish style is what you probably imagine when you think of a massage. This technique is performed using long strokes, kneading and circular motions on the top layer of muscles, which promotes relaxation and improves circulation. For people who suffer from arthritis, a Swedish massage is a great way to find relief from pain since it loosens muscles around the affected area and also improves the body’s immune function. On top of being effective at managing pain, a Swedish massage is the ideal way to pursue relaxation and allow your body and mind to reset.

Shiatsu Massage

While not as commonly known as Swedish massages, shiatsu style massages are fantastic at allowing the body to relax and relieving pain through the application of pressure at key points. This type of massage is rooted in ancient Eastern medicine, and uses the theory of meridians to effectively treat different systems which are interconnected in the body. For those who have arthritis pain, a shiatsu massage can promote a deep feeling of relaxation and relieve the pain by allowing muscles to relax. These massages are done in a comfortable environment and the level of pressure is tailored to meet the preferences of the client.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones provide real health benefits in addition to being very relaxing in a massage setting. When used properly, hot stones can help remove toxins from the body and they’re great at promoting circulation. This is helpful for arthritis treatment, and has been proven to relieve pain as well as improve range of motion in key areas of the body which can be prone to arthritis pain.

If you are looking for a natural way to find relief from arthritis pain, I can help create the ideal massage therapy plan for your needs. To learn more or book your consultation, browse my website or give me a call today.