As a massage therapist, you are relied upon by many people seeking to improve their own health. Whether they are receiving treatment to address a specific physical ailment or they are seeking a mental reset and a deep sense of relaxation, your clients prioritize self care when they book a massage therapy session of any kind.

I am a massage therapist with many years of experience in the East Bay. It’s been my honor to serve our communities by providing massage therapy encompassing several techniques and helping people reach their overall health goals.

Massage therapists often prioritize their work, and I can speak from experience when discussing how constantly putting others’ needs above your own is not a recipe for success. While people in this field love to care for others, we must also make an effort to care for ourselves in order to be successful, fulfilled and healthy.

In the sections to follow, I will discuss a few ways self care can help you perform better as a massage therapist and why it’s so important to take time to ensure you’re healthy in every aspect of your wellbeing.

Provide Great Service

When you consider all the different techniques a massage therapist offers, it’s no wonder we must be in good shape to best serve our clients. By remaining physically fit, flexible and strong, we have the best chance to give our clients the ideal experience. Aside from physical fitness, you can focus on a deeper level when you are mentally healthy. By taking time to look at your health holistically and care for yourself in any area which needs attention, you set yourself up to be successful professionally. By providing great service, you can help your clients live their best lives and build your business by gaining new clients and a better reputation.

Be a Positive Example

You have to practice what you preach, and if you expect people to visit your practice to care for themselves then you should be caring for yourself as well. Many clients look to their therapists for examples of healthy living, and if you have a positive self care routine you can be an example of wellness.

Continually Improve

Self care certainly includes practices like getting massages, meditating, knowing yourself and growing spiritually, but it also includes becoming the best version of yourself. People who prioritize self care often do so by furthering their education and knowledge base in areas where they are passionate. For massage therapists, this means learning new techniques, getting to know your clients, perfecting your craft and always seeking improvement personally and professionally.

If you are a fellow massage therapist, I would love to discuss your self care routine and work together to ensure we are prioritizing our needs in addition to those of our clients and our loved ones. I have provided massage services for several massage therapists, and if you have been stressed, tired or struggling lately then I would be happy to help. To learn more about my services and/or connect professionally, check out my website or give me a call today.