Expert Massage Services Available in the East Bay

If you have chronic back pain, it can be difficult to live life to the fullest. Back pain can keep you from pursuing hobbies, attending events and even performing well at your job, so it’s important to address it professionally. While many people turn to medication for back pain relief, there is a better solution available through professional massage therapy.

As a massage therapist, I see many people on a daily basis who suffer from back pain and help people who have various health issues find relief. It’s my passion to help people live pain free, and by mastering various massage techniques I give my clients the best chance at a positive outcome.

In the sections to follow, I will give a brief overview of my massage treatment process for people with back pain, and highlight a few reasons why massage therapy is a great choice for anyone experiencing back issues. If you’re living with back pain, massage therapy is a great first step into finding lasting relief.

Treatment for Your Specific Issue

The back is one of the most complex systems in the human body, and it handles more stress than any other area. Responsible for lifting, turning and carrying a great deal of weight, it doesn’t take much to injure a muscle, vertebrae, disk or tissue in the back. Because the back has so many working parts, the first step in finding relief is to get to the root cause of the issue. Many people come to me after receiving a medical diagnosis, which is helpful because we can address the cause of pain to work on a permanent solution. Rather than applying the same treatment to every client, I take time to create a plan which meets their unique needs and gives them the best chance at living pain free.

The Right Technique for Your Needs

I am disciplined in several different massage techniques, and usually the best solution for my clients is a combination of proven treatments. Whether you are in need of reducing muscle tension, improving circulation, fostering healing or feeling relaxation in the back area, there is a technique for your unique needs. I specialize in Swedish, shiatsu, acupressure and more techniques, all of which have unique healing qualities and can help you feel your best. When working with a new client, I always advise them on which techniques I feel would provide the best results and answer all their questions to ensure they are comfortable before we begin.

Natural Healing Solution

Massage therapy unlocks the body’s ability to heal, and does so without medical intervention or the need for medication. Because massage therapy is a natural healing method, it’s a great first step in healing and should be pursued before choosing a surgical option or taking pain medication. Massage therapy doesn’t pose threats like addiction or complications, so it’s a preferred treatment option over more invasive treatment.

Don’t live with back pain any longer. To learn more about how my massage therapy services can help, browse my website or give me a call today.