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Find Natural Relief From Common Back Ailments

Back Pain Massage Therapy Available Locally

It’s no secret many people suffer from back pain. It seems like back pain is unavoidable for countless individuals. Whether you work in an office and struggle to be active enough to avoid back pain or you perform manual labor and put strain on your back, pain is inevitable for a great number of people.

Luckily, there is a fantastic solution for many forms of back pain: professional massage therapy. As a certified therapist, it’s my passion to help people live pain free and reach their overall health goals. I am happy to serve my home communities in the East Bay, and I offer many proven techniques to help my clients have the best chance at lasting pain relief.

In this article, I will discuss my massage therapy services for clients suffering from back pain. Hopefully this will help you determine if massage therapy is right for you and could offer a solution for your back pain.

Back Pain Causes

Back pain is so prevalent because of the reliance we all have on our backs and the complexity of this region of the body. Our backs are responsible for carrying the weight of our upper half, allowing our bodies to turn and most of the motion we make on a daily basis. Because the back contains vertebrae, muscles, disks, tissues and nerves, there are many ways pain can creep in.

Massage Techniques for Back Pain

Massage therapy is an established field, and many practices which are used today date back several centuries. In order to give my clients the best chance to live pain free, I am certified and experienced in time tested methods of therapy as well as newer techniques. Depending on the needs of my clients, I can apply a combination of Shiatsu, Swedish, Acupressure and other massage techniques to properly and effectively treat their back pain.

Massage Therapy Benefits

Massage therapy should be your first choice when dealing with back pain. So many people try to solve their own back pain with over the counter or prescription pills or more invasive medical procedures. Choosing massage therapy is a far better overall health choice, and ultimately can lead to longer lasting relief. Because massage therapy is a natural healing method, there are no risks of side effects or addiction. Also, massage therapy seeks to treat the root cause of back pain rather than simply delaying pain, which is a better strategy for pursuing long term relief.

Why Choose My Services

I take pride in creating customized care plans for my clients. This means truly hearing your concerns, learning about your level of pain and discussing which options I feel could help you find lasting relief. As a certified massage therapist, I can deal with delicate issues and ensure the proper level of pressure and technique is used to most effectively treat your back pain.

You don’t have to live with back pain, choose to care for yourself with massage therapy and experience lasting relief. To learn more or book your first session, check out my website or give me a call today.