Relief Available Through Expert Massage Therapy

Neck Pain Massage Available in the East Bay

Neck pain can be a major deterrent to meeting your health goals, and it affects countless people to varying degrees on a daily basis. If you are living with neck pain, finding lasting relief should be a top priority. Instead of just getting by and seeking temporary measures to remove pain, professional massage therapy can be a great way to get back to living normally all the time.

As a massage therapist, it’s my goal to address people’s areas of concern and help them live life to the fullest. If you have neck pain, you certainly are not alone, as it’s a problem area for many of my clients. Luckily, I have helped countless people in the Bay Area overcome their neck pain and pursue their passions, perform a sport or in their job at a higher level and/or regain the freedom they once enjoyed from chronic pain.

There are many benefits a person can expect to enjoy when pursuing massage therapy for neck pain relief. In the sections to follow, I will discuss a few of my clients’ top benefits when using my services and hopefully provide valuable insight into if massage therapy can help you as well.

Natural Pain Relief

There are many people who experience regular neck pain and take medications, apply creams or use other methods of temporary relief just to get through their activities every day. While these solutions might provide an immediate fix for the issue, they are problematic in the long run. Instead of using foreign substances which can have difficult side effects and even run the risk of addiction, massage therapy offers a natural solution. When performed by a trained professional, massage therapy on the neck has no negative effects and presents a healthier and more effective alternative.

Tailored to Your Needs

The causes of neck pain can vary significantly. Because the neck is solely responsible for the weight and rotation of the head, and it’s made up of a vast network of nerves, vertebrae and muscles, this area is particularly prone to pain. As an experienced massage therapist, it’s my goal to completely understand a patient’s pain points and their health goals. I strive to help them find lasting relief, and the way to do so is to use the right techniques and intensity for their unique needs.

Lasting Relief Available

Rather than seeking temporary relief for my clients, my goal is to help them feel little to no pain through massage treatment. This is a distinct benefit of massage therapy over medications, because we can address the actual cause of pain with direct treatment rather than only addressing a symptom. Many clients have reported a gradual reduction in overall discomfort through treatment, and several have even reported they no longer experience regular pain.

If you have chronic neck pain, there is help available. To learn more about how massage therapy can provide lasting relief, check out my website. If you want to book your first session, feel free to give me a call today.