Local Expert Offers Carpal Tunnel Massage Therapy

Carpal tunnel syndrome can affect a wide range of people. While sometimes caused by repeated motion or inflammation, carpal tunnel’s root cause is a pinched nerve which goes through the wrist and into the hands and fingers. This pinched nerve can cause pain, numbness and weakness.

If these symptoms seem familiar to you or you have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel, there is natural relief available through professional massage therapy. I have worked with many people who suffer from carpal tunnel over the years, and by applying proven massage techniques I have been able to help them find relief from chronic pain related to this issue.

In the sections to follow, I will discuss the process of massage for carpal tunnel and detail why massage therapy is a great way to relieve pain. If you have or think you might have carpal tunnel, read on to learn more about how professional massage treatment can help.

Directly Address the Cause of Carpal Tunnel

While some treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome only address a symptom of the issue, the goal of massage therapy is to address the main cause. When I work with a client, communication is key and we strive to determine what the issue stems from. Regarding carpal tunnel, the most common cause is inflammation in the wrist, causing the carpal tunnel (an opening in your wrist bones which allows this nerve to pass through) to pinch the nerve. Massage therapy is proven to reduce inflammation and can help promote fast healing.

Customized Massage Treatment for Your Needs

I believe there is no one size fits all approach to massage care. While inflammation is something massage therapy can help address, there are sometimes other reasons why carpal tunnel syndrome can occur. My approach is to listen to the health goals of my clients and work with them to create a care plan which is unique to their needs. Over the years, I have found this to be the best way to ensure my clients are cared for and their needs are met.

Natural Alternative for Healing

Massage therapy should be your first step toward healing if you have carpal tunnel syndrome which affects your normal day to day activities. While some people choose to take medication for carpal tunnel, there is a risk of unwanted side effects and in many cases this is only addressing a symptom rather than the underlying problem. In other cases, people might undergo medical intervention like a surgery to find relief. While there is certainly a time and place for medication and medical intervention, I suggest massage therapy as a preferred first step. By pursuing massage therapy, it’s likely you can find relief through natural healing rather than a more invasive method.

Don’t let carpal tunnel syndrome keep you from pursuing your passions and living life to the fullest. I am happy to provide certified massage therapy for people in the East Bay, and if you want to learn more about my services I will be happy to help. Browse my website or give me a call today to learn more.